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Frenchie Colors   

Home to some very COLORFUL AKC registered Frenchies!
I have Puppies Available Now!

One of our dogs is an AKC NATIONAL TOP 20 Winner !!! See "Kissabullz A Little Bit Rowdy" on Our Boys Page
I have loved and owned French Bulldogs for over 30  years now....I love every color that the Frenchie comes in and they do come in a rainbow of colors. See my Frenchie Colors page. I have some of the unique colors; Cool blues, yummy chocolates, and of course I have all of the other colors too, beautiful black brindles, wild reverse red brindles, handsome black masked reds, terrific Tri's, pretty fawns and also darling pieds in all these colors.
I am even producing magnificent Merles!

I have spent many years researching pedigrees and I have hand picked my dogs from top International and American Champion lines..Please visit all my pages to see all my beautiful dogs and their offspring.

I have had dogs my whole life and have devoted a good amount of time to their care and well being. I have been a professional in the Animal Health Care field for a total of 15 years, have an AS degree in Animal Health and I have also owned and managed a successful boarding kennel for many years in the past. I work closely with a couple of different top Veterinary Hospitals in the area, one is an accredited AAHA member and one is a Reproduction Specialist. I do this to insure the best possible health and care for each one of my dogs and puppies.

I have owned many different breeds of dogs in the past but there is just nothing like a French Bulldog. They are cute, smart, stubborn, funny and extremely loyal. They basically own you, not the other way around. They will follow you anywhere and everywhere..forget about your privacy, you will have none when you have a Frenchie, they want to get so close to you that they will even sit on your feet if you let them. You will also find that after you get a Frenchie, they are kind of like potato chips, you can't just have one!!!
Just a word of WARNING..Never give your Frenchie GREENIES! They can splinter!!

See my Puppies Page for new and arriving litters.

We have produced a gorgeous Blue and Tan boy! Meet Triton (Triton is not for sale). This is Blue Triton at 1year and his son Snickers, a Gorgeous Black and Tan and his daughter Paris, a gorgeous Merle and tan!

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Frenchie Colors

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